The Quick Link menu

Fast and easy access to Windows 10 system settings.

The Quick Link menu is designed to facilitate quick access to Windows system settings. The Quick Link menu is referenced by many different names, such as menu-x, power users menu, quick access menu, and more. The Quick Link menu is simply a compilation of shortcuts. Microsoft keeps making subtle changes to Windows 10, and some of the changes are to Control Panel shortcuts. To aid users Microsoft has placed some commonly used shortcuts on the Quick Link menu, which can help speed up access to certain settings. Shortcuts like Run which was removed from the start menu, can be found on the Quick Link menu, or simply using Cortana search to run the application. There is not a lot to the Quick Link menu, but if you find a setting you use often then the Quick Link menu may save you some time.

To access the Quick Link menu hold the Windows logo key then press x and release.

To acces the quick link menu press and hold the Windows key then x.

On a keyboard made for Windows, the Windows key is the one with the flag on it at the bottom left of the keyboard, some keyboards have two, and they are both located near the Alt or Ctrl keys.

The slow removal of the Control Panel

Microsoft has been slowly removing the classic Control Panel, and so the Control Panel shortcut is no longer available on the Quick Link menu. Eventually the Control Panel will be gone from Windows 10 replaced by Settings, but it is still there, at least for now.