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Data loss policy

Please read our data loss policy.

PCMDs data loss policy is as follows. It is the responsibility of the client to have a current backup copy of all data. PCMD is not in any way responsible for any data loss the client may experience as a result of professional services performed by pcmd. Client may elect to have PCMD recommend or perform data backup services, PCMD is in no way responsible for the data backup in any way, such as the validity, reliability, or availability of the data. The data backup and its storage is the responsibility of the client.

Client further agrees that in no event shall PCMD be liable to client or any other person for any damages, including incidental or consequential damage expenses, lost profits, lost savings or other damages from products or services provided, or the breach or any express or implied warranty, even if PCMD has been advised of the possibility of those damages.

PCMD computer reair and support.

PCMD recommends that all data be backed up. All hard drives new and old will fail at some point, it is simply a matter of time. Back up your data to multiple locations to help prevent data loss. Time and time again people state they thought they had backed up their data when they had not and all was lost. Multiple locations can help prevent this.