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Reposition Multiple Monitors

Bought a second monitor and can't get your mouse to go across the middle of the screen. No worries there is a quick and easy fix for that.

How to relocate your monitors virtually

It is east to manage and configure multiple monitors with Windows 10. No longer are third party applications necessary in order to manage and control multiple monitors. Monitors can be relocated by simply rearranging their placement on screen. Monitors with diferent resolutions can be positioned for personal preference, such as higher or lower, this affects how you move between the displays with your cursor. A monitor with a lower refresh rate can be centered, or moved to the top or bottom to allow the cursor to passed based on position. Just about any resonable position is available to make multiple monitor systems easier to use.

Steps 1 & 2

Click on the Start menu. Then click on the Settings icon, it looks like a gear.

First click on the Windows 10 Start menu, tehn select the Settings gear icon.

Step 3

Windows Settings will open. Select System.


Step 4

Select the monitor you want to reposition in the case pictures case it will be monitor #2 left of monitor #1. This will allow your mouse to cross the middle of the screen.

Open display settings.

Step 5

Click Apply

After repositioning your monitors click Apply. The Main display is the dark blue gray monitor. The next step will demonstrate how to select monitor 2 as the Main monitor.

Relocate monitor 1 by swicthing positions, then click apply.

Step 6

Set Primary Display

After rearranging your monitors the primary display will need to be set. The primary display is the monitor that has the notifications and time in the lower right. This is dependant on the position of your start menu location as well.

After that your cursor should move about the middle of the screens and the Start button should be on the screen of your choosing.

Step three

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