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Frequently Asked Questions

PC Doctor with his laptop sitting on a big FAQ.

If your question starts with how do I, then it is most likely something that we can help you with. There is no question we will not try and answer to the best of our ability. Get you personal computer fixed the right way, the first time. Call PCMD today.

The robot computer doctor is in and he brought his PC tool bag.

Computers vary wildly when it comes to speed. Some are super slow, and others can be very, very fast. If your computer takes 10 minutes to start Windows then it will take quite sometime to fix. On the other end of the spectrum if you computer is ready in under a minute it should not take that long. However, until we see the PC, and know what the problem is we are only able to estimate the amount of time it will take.

Macs are personal computers and no marketing can change that. They are also more expensive so a thief would like to have one.

This is a common question and it really is simple, buy what you want, like, or what you know. Both operating systems work well, so neither is a bad idea. Marketing has made it so Macs don't get viruses, don't break, and everything is easy and wonderful. Macs do have issues, and they maintain their value, and their resale value does entice thieves. Windows on the other hand comes complete with the lion's share of viruses. There is no perfect product, so buy what you feel is best for your needs.

Client server relationship represented by clouds

In general the cloud is the buzz word for an online client-server type relationship where applications or data are accessed remotely. The cloud gets it name from the cloud image symbol used in diagrams to express the relationship between the devices, applications and, or services with remote computers, or servers. For more information or the cloud see our post The Cloud.

Laptop computer with a large warning stating virus!

Generally speaking severe virus infestations can take hours to repair, and a fair amount of time is needed to access the effectiveness of the repair. Virus removal is best performed off-site. When service is performed off-site we do not charge when we are not actively working on your personal computer which saves you money, and frees up your day. It also allows PCMD the time needed to thoroughly go through the computer system to be sure everything is working properly. So, to answer the question it depends on a number of factors.

The robot is the future of computer repair.

PCMD does fix some broken laptop A/C power connectors or receptacles. We also fix many other broken laptop parts such as, keyboards, displays, display hinges, wireless adapters, and hard drives. Laptops and devices are getting thinner, and lighter, in order to achieve this manufactures are not considering the repairability of the product. Certain repairs will require the device to be sent back to the manufacture, so call today to see if PCMD can fix your laptop or device.

The gears of a very large clock representing time.

PCMD first started working on personal computers as a hobby in the early 1990. A that time a new computer cost a few thousand dollars, and upgrades made small increments in performance at very high prices. Those were the days of DOS and Windows 3.1, so you could not simply just go out and buy any hardware and expect it to work. This early experience taught PCMD the patience and understanding required to fix computers. Over the years PCMD has built, and repaired countless desktops, and laptops.

Hackers are everywhere trying to steal your computer data.

If you think you computer has a virus we recommend you first update your anti-virus, and or malware software application. If you have a virus, or malware scanner, or both installed, run a full system scan with all available tools at your disposal. If that works then you may have cleaned your computer. If it does not work then turn off your computer, and call PCMD as soon as possible.

Computer store open for business.

No, sorry PCMD does not have a store front. We are primarily a mobile business. We come to you, and service your computer, or we take it, and repair it at our facility. This allows PCMD to charge a lower rate than that of our competitors. We keep our overhead low, and pass the savings on to you. Something we think many will appreciate.

<br>PCMD offers premium professional computer support at affordable rates.

No, sorry PCMD does not have a guarantee that if we cannot fix your computer you do not have to pay for services rendered. Generally speaking all computer problems can be fixed, it is just a matter of part replacement, or software reinstallation. The reality is not all computers should be repaired. Computers have a limited service life, which varies depending on the quality of product.

Broken device that is in pieces that is beyond repair.

Sorry, PCMD does not repair tablets, or netbooks. However, we do replace batteries and can help you with tablet configuration, wireless network connectivity, printing, and software. Have a tablet or device issue give us a call an we will see what we can do for you.

Everyone needs a good book on computers that is updated every year.

This has is a hard question to answer even though it sounds simple. There are so many books covering so many different computer user needs, and skill ranges it is practically impossible to have book recommendation for every user. I can only recommend that you at go to a book store (while they still exist) and browse around. You may just find that perfect book, and if you do please let us know about it.

Stacked up electronic waste otherwise known as e-waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste is pretty much every thing that runs on batteries, or has a power cord. However, some items meet the description, but they do not qualify as electronic waste, and are considered solid waste. Do your part, don't throw electronic waste of any kind in the trash. For more information read PCMD's Blog page What is e-waste?.

A beautiful country road.

PCMD is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, but don't worry we travel quite far at no charge to you.

Our service area includes Santa Maria, Orcutt, Solvang, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Oceano, Shell Beach, Lompoc, Los Alamos, and surrounding areas.

Awning of a place were computer geeks hang out.

PCMD always find this question or questions like it tough to answer. One way to look at it is like this; just because someone works at McDonald, it doesn't necessarily mean that they hang out at Burger King with the people who work at Jack In The Box.

Probably online, on Facebook, while chatting using Skype, and simultaneously watching Youtube. Computer geeks are great multitaskers.

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