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PCMD is your local computer specialist offering professional computer services for your home, and business. We come to you, and take care of all your technical support needs. We also offer no charge pick up, and return delivery with all off-site services. Safe and secure remote computer support is always available for your convenience. Call PCMD today at 805-357-1480.

Computer service & repair

Is your computer running slowly? Do you have programs stating that your computer is infested with viruses? Can't get online? Don't arrive at the right internet site? No problem we can fix all that, and more. Don't let a slow and problematic computer drag you down. Call PCMD today, and cure your PC blues.

We can help you with desktops, laptops, computer hardware, computer software, printers, phones, tablets, wireless networks, wired networks, security cameras, home electronics, and much more.

Don't give up call PCMD at 805-357-1480.

A frustrated computer user who needs PCMD computer services and repair support

Why call PCMD?

  • Professional computer repair, service, and support at affordable rates.
  • We remove viruses, spyware, rogue programs, rootkits, and potentially unwanted programs.
  • (IT) Information technology support for small businesses.
  • On-site services we come to you so you don't have to come to us.
  • Off-site services for when it is more convenient.
  • Remote PC support. (requires high speed internet)
  • Locally owned and operated since 2006.

Computer Tips & Advice - More Articles at PCMD's Blog

When a lock and chain, and little army men aren't enough call PCMD

With common sense a computer can be secured without taking extreme measures. Want to know more? Read our article Basic Computer Security.

A really dirty central processing unit fan

It doesn't take long for dust and dirt to ruin a computer. Its easy to clean your own personal computer, learn how at Effects of Dust & Dirt.

Doctor laptop is ready to see you now

Computers don't get sick, but they sure can get infected with viruses. If you think your PC is infected read Windows Virus Help and cure your PC.

This guy should have called PCMD first, who trys to actually store stuff in the clouds?

The cloud is becoming a popular place to store data, but is it right for you? Our article Data Backup Tips may help you answer that question.

Ad blockers good or bad?

Ad blockers are great, and we use them too. They offer a superior web experience, enhancing overall speed, security, and privacy. However, we use ads, and ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker while visiting us, and if you like click on an Ad link. Thank you, PCMD.

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PCMD computer specialist offering personal computer service support and repair call PCMD today at 805-357-1480.

PCMD's Service Area

Our service area includes Santa Maria, Orcutt, Solvang, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Oceano, Shell Beach, Lompoc, Los Alamos, and surrounding areas.

PCMD works on all brands of Windows based desktops, and laptops. We can fix your Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, and all others.

She called PCMD. You should too!
Girl happily called PCMD.
Basic computer security

There is more to computer security than just installing an anti-virus program and then forgetting about it. We offer some tips on how to secure your computer and how to try and keep it secure.

A little effort can save you a lot of time, and maybe some money.

Security is Layered

Computer security is layered with different components and many different approaches. One can take security to the extreme, and do their best to block out the world at the expense of speed. Others will do nothing, and act like it really doesn't matter, and no matter what they have it under control. At pcmd we take the middle road approach by utilizing good basic protections with minimal effect on computer performance, and internet browsing.

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Effects of dust & dirt

Dust and Dirt is truly an enemy of any PC, may it be a desktop or laptop. If the dust has a way in, it can do damage. Dust acts like a blanket to warm your computers sensitive electronics.

Over time the build up of dust can effect the reliability, and most definitely shorten the life expectancy of the device. Protect your investment by keeping it clean, and free of dust buildup.

PC performance issues due to dust

Components covered in dust run much hotter than they were designed to, and the computers central processing unit (CPU) could start to throttle its performance. Throttling is a method used to prevent the CPU from over heating, the computers performance drops significantly for no apparent reason. The computer becomes slow and unresponsive, similar to virus or malware activity. Some CPU's don't utilize throttling and simply shut off, or Windows crashes displaying a blue screen once they begin to overheat.

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Windows virus help

Read on to learn a bit about Windows operating systems, and how they are constantly under attack and what you can do to protect your PC.

No personal computer is immune

All computers are susceptible to viruses, and malicious software no matter what operating system is used. However, Windows machines are the primary target of these attacks, so we offer some tips to help you protect your computer from becoming infected. We will go a bit further than recommending staying offline, which is probably the most effective, but still not completely secure. This article is meant to cover the basics of virus prevention while trying to use simple terminology and generalized explanations.

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Data backup tips

Here you can find information on how to backup your data. This is a basic introduction to general backup techniques, and the various storage devices that can be used.

Prepare for drive failure

To often data is not backed up and disaster strikes. Who knows what may happen to ones data due to a natural disaster, human error, or for some unknown reason that is always lurking. For some not having a backup can be an extremely costly mistake. It may not be possible to recreate or recover the data, and therefore it may be lost forever. For others having very little or no data to backup, it might not mean much to them if they lose it. However, there are so many affordable and effective ways to safe guard your data there really is no reason not to keep a copy of it.

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Computers can bring happiness